How do you fix a rattling car speaker?

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Most of the time, we experience a very irritating sound effect from the car speakers. It will not only spoil us instead of that that will spoil the entire audio system of the car if we are not taken the issue seriously.

When you install the poor quality of speakers or if the speakers are not installed properly in the car then it will make the rattle.

You should give attention to the problem to rectify it. The rattling speaker can create a severe or minor issue one of the options you can change the speaker to avoid other problems.

Otherwise, if you don’t want to remove the speaker from the car, a few steps are there to fix a rattling car speaker.

Remove the items from door panel pockets

Before going to remove all the screws and panels from the speaker, you should identify the issues to fix it.

Sometimes the rattling occurs because of loose items inside the pockets of the door panel. So just check the things whether that could be in the right place.

You keep the items inside the door pocket that creates noise when you play music. Remove those items from the door and check the audio.

If still, the rattling occurs you need to find out the other option to make car speakers stop rattling.

Change the location of the speakers

You have to find the right source to fix the problem. If the above-mentioned process will not help you then you can try this process.

Pick the right speaker which is rattling and adjust the fade and balance of the speakers.

In most cases, the rattling comes from the single speaker you need to find out the particular speaker and while adjusting the fade move the sound to the front or rear speakers and while adjusting the balance moves the sound between the left and right speakers.

So after finding the right speaker which is responsible for rattle you can fix the problem easily.

fix a rattling car speaker

Adjust the screws and panels

In some cases, the rattling occurs because the speaker’s screws and panel might be loose. If it is like that also make the rattle and creates the vibrations.

So to rectify the issues find the right speaker if you could not find it check the all speaker’s screws and panel connection.

If it loses connection just tight the screws and panels and play the music check it. So this step will help you fix rattling speakers in car.