How do you fix speaker cone damage?

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If the speaker cone is damaged no need to worry about it that is very easy to repair it. The speaker will not make a good sound if damaged because those metal and plastic cones will not work properly.

When the speaker cone is damaged that produce unpleasant sound.

The sound production unit can buzz or crackle. The buzz or grating sounds caused by small fragments of the cone when the cone around the hole vibrating.

When the speaker is used with an enclosure, the hole produces some problems that will change the sounds from the entire speaker system. Let’s discuss the process to fix speaker cone damage.

fix speaker cone damage

Require Tools

You need the tools to fix the speaker cone damage. The required tools are glues, small paint brushes, Scissors and finally small paper plates.

The glues are used to fix the cracker in speaker dust covers. The semi stiffed brush helps to rub the glue into the speaker cone.

These tools are enough to repairing speaker cones. Before using the glue, it should be missed with enough water to stick with speaker cone properly.

Applying glue and patching the crack

After mixing the glue apply it on the crack and spread it evenly. Remember one thing that you should apply the glue both sides top and bottom side of the cone.

Keep some time to dry it properly. It has several applications based on the speaker cone damage. Take a piece of the coffee filter and cut it what size you required. It used to cover every side of the crack. And cover the patches with the help of glue and brush.

Apply the glue to the top and bottom of the patches well as cone itself. After applied both sides and to apply it around the patches of the cone to keep it stuck down.

Usually, one layer of the coffee filter in enough, if you want adds another layer for safety. The important thing is the glue should be stuck down properly and it to be dried very well.

Final process

The final step of the process is to paint the patch. It doesn’t recommend a thick layer instead of that thin layer in enough.

Because if form a thick layer that could weaken the glue or crack the paint from the speaker vibration, so just apply the thin layer paint. These are the easiest process for repairing damaged speakers.