How Do I Know If My IPhone Speaker Is Damaged?

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When you have found in problem in the phone speaker that will affect the many features like the music stops playing, you cannot make the calls using speaker, and you do not hear an alert sound to receive text messages and other notifications.

One important thing is, your iPhone uses its speaker a lot. Let us discuss the things about what to do when the iPhone speaker not working. So you can find the right solution to fix the problems.speaker is not working on your iPhone

Reset the phone

If your speaker is not working on your iPhone, you should restart your phone. So your iPhone needs a simple reset to fix the problem. This is one of the best cures for any iOS speaker-related issues.

Install the latest version software and hardware

If the iPhone speaker stopped working always make sure that your device has the latest version of the software.

You don’t have the latest version and then install it. When you update your iOS make sure that all your data is backed up includes iTunes or iCloud.

Connect the phone to iTunes, search the devices and then click restore. Once your data has been backed up, then slide to power off button and then use the same process to turn on the device.

Once your phone is switched on, test the mute buttons and also speakers to check whether the problem solved.

Check the sound system settings

If you do not hear the sound properly or the sound system is not working, you will not get the alert tone when receiving notifications.Check the sound system settings

Test the speaker settings options on the iPhone. And if you put the phone in silent mode, by the time also you won’t hear the sound.

So check your phone whether that is in silent mode. If you put in do not disturb mode that also affects your sound system. So you will not hear the sound. So before changing the settings option checks that category.

Clean the speaker system

If your iPhone speaker is damaged check the speaker system. The iPhone speaker will be damaged due to the over dust of the speaker.

If the dust stays long days on the phone it affects the speaker. It could spoil your speaker. So clean the overall dust to the speaker often, so you can avoid the damage. So follow those things to avoid the speaker get damaged.