Can Bad Speaker Wires Damage Your Receiver?

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Speaker wires are the major reason to damage the speakers, receives, and amps. When you install the speaker you need to use the proper monster speaker wires to get good sounds.

When use it of the wires to connect the speakers it should be trimmed properly. If the wire is not trimmed evenly and has whiskers it can short output transistors.

So you should know the length of the speakers and how it affects the gauge of the wires and lower the resistance for the better results.

You understand that the types of wires cannot damage speakers instead of that the connection the speaker’s wire affects the sound system.

So you get a damaged receiver because of bad speaker wire. After installation of speakers just check it back twice whether the connections are it in proper.

Check connection of the speaker wire

If you have the problems in the receiver check the wire connection first to solve the issues. Check the wire that the loose strands of speakers’ wire touching either the back panel of the receiver or back of any connected speakers because bad speakers’ wires can damage receiver.

Even a small strand of the speaker wire can cause the short circuit so the receiver makes some issues. To fix the problem remove loose stands, strip affected speaker wires with help oh wire strippers, and then reconnect the speakers to the receivers.

If you have pets in your home and check the whole speaker wire connection to make sure that none have been chewed through.

If you find a damaged wire splice a new speaker wire or change the whole thing. When you finished, reconnect the speakers to the receiver.

Damage occurs by overheating

Most of the electronics have a built-in fail-safe to protect against overheating. The fail systems are designed to automatically switch the device off to avoid the permanent damage in the circuit.

The device is won’t be on the back till the excess heat has sufficiently dissipated. If you have the problems, check if your receiver is overheating by placing your hand on the top and sides of the unit.

If you feel hot to touch than normal, then overheating is the reason for the problem. If you have the indicators in the receiver, you can find the issues earlier.

If your receiver is not getting enough current, or if it gets a maximum unit of the current your receiver will be damaged.